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Squirrel Control & Removal Services

Do you hear running in your attic? Does this sound usually occur during the early morning hours, throughout the day, and early evenings? If so, you may be dealing with a squirrel issue.

Squirrels can gain entry into the home from just about anywhere. However, the most common entry points are rooflines, roof vents, and soffits that are not properly sealed. Wherever they may be getting in, there are squirrel pest control treatment options available.

Removing squirrels first involves identifying how they are getting in. Once this is determined, a unique one-way door is usually installed. This door, as its name implies, only opens one way. As the squirrel leaves the home for the day, the door shuts behind it, and it cannot re-enter. If babies are present, these must also be removed and placed in an area where the mother can re-locate them. When all animals have been removed, the door should be removed and the entry point sealed to prevent future infestations. The use of traps is not recommended. If a trap is set, an animal can only be re-located 1km away from your home by law. In addition, if a squirrel is caught, you may not necessarily know if it is indeed the same squirrel that is causing you headache. Trapping can not only be very costly to the homeowner but also, is not nearly as effective as the use of one-way doors.

The Affordable Pest Control team always ensures that every squirrel is left unharmed when conducting any squirrel pest control process. Using humane techniques such as one-way doors, repellents, safe trapping, and other methods, we are able to safely remove the problem while ensuring a happy outcome for the homeowner. Generally, screening will have to be installed after each squirrel removal of which is guaranteed for a minimum of one year. All of our customers receive a spraying of the affected area for fleas, ticks, or maggots at no extra cost.

We also provide squirrel removal and squirrel control services for York Region including Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Maple, Georgina and King City.

Grey or black squirrels often seek shelter in the attics of one’s home during spring and fall months. Here, squirrels typically give birth to their young, while in the fall, they also store food for the upcoming winter months. Squirrels are notorious for chewing attic wires, disturbing insulation, and causing loud noises which can disrupt anyone’s sleep.

As their front teeth continue to grow, squirrels feel the need to continuously chew in order to keep them short.

This obsessive chewing can lead to damaging effects on the structure of a house, garage, or shed. Squirrels are able to chew through wood, wires, and spray foam insulation without delay. The removal of squirrels must be done in a safe and humane manner.  Let one of our professional animal removal staff help you today. Contact us for your free quote.



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