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Affordable Pest Control in Durham Region offers humane chipmunk removal and control for your yard and even in your home. Our trained staff are licensed and certified with the latest humane methods of getting rid of chipmunks and have been helping people in Durham Region for over a decade.

Although they may be cute, these little animals may find a way into your home, attic and may even nest in walls. If you think you may have a chipmunk problem, contact one of our licensed staffs today for your free chipmunk removal quote.

Chipmunks feed on stored foodstuffs during their many arousals. These omnivorous creatures are active mostly during the daytime. They spend most of their day foraging, their diet consists of bulbs, seeds, fruits, nuts, green plants, bird eggs, mushrooms, insects and worms. On average a chipmunk can store as much as 8lbs of food in its burrow. Reproduction and Development Chipmunks generally bear one litter (2-6 young) each summer. This is nature’s way of ensuring that their numbers they are too scarce to be economically significant.

They live in deciduous wooded areas and urban parks throughout the eastern United States and southern Canada. Chipmunks are invertebrates that usually go into torpor in subterranean nests. Their habitat is spread all throughout the diverse surroundings from alpine forests to shrubby deserts. They prefer locations with rocky areas and shrubs to provide protection from predators. Unlike squirrels, they spend most of their time on the ground..

They can climb trees well but construct underground nests, with burrows that are complete with several chambers, and tunnels joining these chambers. In an effort to conceal the construction of its burrow, the chipmunk carries dirt to different locations in its cheek pouches. These burrows are lined with leaves, rocks, sticks, and other material, making it even harder to see. Other than for living purposes, the chipmunks also use their burrows to store their food. On average a chipmunk can store as much as 8lbs of food in its burrow. Life cycle A chipmunk defends its burrow and lives a lonesome life, except during mating season.

We also provide chipmunk removal and chipmunk control services for York Region including Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Maple, Georgina and King City.



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