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Wildlife Removal & Animal Control Services in Durham Region

Affordable Pest Control takes pride in our humane methods of wildlife removal services and controlling animal wildlife that may pose a nuisance to your home or residence. We recognize the need for animals to be left alone so that they may thrive in their natural habitat however, this cannot always be accomplished. From raccoons to skunks, we will always conduct humane animal removal in Durham Region. Depending on the situation, a variety of methods may be used in order to ensure safe removal.

Raccoon’s will typically pose a nuisance all year round. However, this is particularly prominent during the spring and fall months. During spring, raccoons will seek shelter in the attics of homeowners in order to give birth to their young. Generally speaking, this will take place between the months of February and as late as July. Pest and animal control for these animals must be undertaken by an experienced reputable company to ensure no harm is done to the animal and her young. Depending on the time of year and situation, the use of unique one-way doors, snare poles, or immediate removal may occur. In addition to raccoon removal, Affordable Pest Control also conducts the safe removal of skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. Whatever animal you may have we are here to help.

One important aspect that must take place with any animal removal service is exclusion work. This involves the repair of any damage these critters may have caused with the use of galvanized screening and/or other building supplies. This is critical in order to make sure these animals do not return once safely removed. One way which makes our company unique is that each and every animal removal service is followed by a spraying for common insects that they may have carried into your home. This spray is completely safe for children and pets and is applied to eliminate any ticks, fleas, mites, or maggots.

Although no one would like to think of it, Affordable Pest Control also conducts expert pest control including dead animal removal. Often times these creatures end up expiring under decks, patios, or simply on the lawn. Whatever the case, we will ensure they are removed with the utmost respect while at the same time, applying a spray for any ticks, fleas, and maggots.

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