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Do Raccoons Hibernate? And 3 More Winter Pest Control Questions Answered

Canadians have to endure a difficult winter season every year, and for some of us more than 1/3rd of our calendar year is spent under snow. Though as humans we’re able to bundle up and turn up the heat, many pests are not so lucky and try to find a home elsewhere. If you’ve ever wondered where bugs, insects and rodents go in the winter you aren’t alone. So if you’re questioning, do raccoons hibernate or fruit flies just die off, this is important information.

Do Raccoons Hibernate?

Raccoons are one of the most frustrating intruders in garbage bins and compost containers during the summer. But when the snow begins to fall, you may assume that these pests will go away. This however is not the case, as raccoons don’t hibernate, they simply adapt to the weather. By building up fat storages during late summer and early fall, and simultaneously developing a thick winter coat, raccoons can stay warm and keep scavenging your bins for dinner.

Do Fruit Flies Die Off?

Simply put, no. Fruit flies will survive regardless of temperature, and just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the same for inside your house. You may find that you develop a fruit fly problem during winter, as they will seek refuge in your houseplants or kitchen pipes. Winter pest control is a necessity for this problem, or these insects will stay in your home until the summer and hatch new batches of fruit flies.

Where Do Mice and Rats Go?

Though mice and rats have a different set of personality traits, both of these rodents are not made for living outside during the winter. When the first frost hits, both mice and rats will make their way into a more hospitable living environment. This may mean your house, garage, or even shed will quickly be renovated into a rodent house for the winter. Rats are not shy animals and will happily leave you signs that they’ve taken up residence, coming in the form of droppings, crewed cords, or just making themselves physically present. Mice however are far more likely to hide in the walls until the middle of the night, though you may hear then running through the vents or squeaking during the day.

Do Bats Hibernate?

Bats are a nocturnal animal that you might not see if you live in an urban centre. But for those of us who live in the suburbs or in more rural townships, bats in the winter can be a serious problem. Bats are incredibly smart animals that can easily fit through a small hole in your attic and take up residence during the winter months. Though not all bat species hibernate, they will still seek a warm refuge that is dark and comfortable. Bats can also carry diseases like rabies or henipavirus that can be deadly in humans, so if they do try and move in it’s important that you’re able to get them out of the house as soon as possible.

If you’ve been wondering do raccoons hibernate, bats hibernate, or mice and rats just mysteriously disappear, you might be sad to know this isn’t the case. If these pests come into your home, you will require the professionals at Affordable Pest Control to remove of them safely and carefully. Contact us today for more information about our pest control services.