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Why Bed Bug Spray Won't Solve Your Pest Problems16122243 s

If your home or commercial space has been infested by bed bugs, it can be tempting to use bed bug spray to fix it. After all it may seem like the most inexpensive solution. The reality though is that while bed bug spray may seem to give you results, it is unlikely to be long lasting. Your best and most affordable option is to let the professionals get the job done right the first time.

Bed Bug Spray Won’t Kill Eggs

Bed bug sprays are designed for one thing, killing live bed bugs. While this is one step in a comprehensive process of getting rid of them, it’s not enough. If you have bed bugs then you can assume you also have bed bug eggs. Without killing the eggs before they hatch, you’ll only stop the infestation for a short period of time. You could have new bed bugs hatch literally moments after you use a bed bug spray.

Bed Bug Spray Doesn’t Kill All Life Stages

Unlike most other animals, bed bugs do not directly develop into adulthood from birth. Bed bugs go through five different stages of infancy, all of which include them molting their exoskeleton. Bed bug spray can only kill the pests when they are alive, not while hibernating or molting. So while the adults may die, younger pests can easily live on.

Bed Bugs Don’t Just Live In Your Bed

The truth is that bed bugs don’t just live in beds, they can live in carpeting, flooring, and other soft materials. These sprays can kill live bugs in your bed, but they won’t get deep into your carpet, or into the cracks between slats on your hardwood floors. Only a full fumigation can truly get rid of your infestation, in every part of the house.

The Most Affordable Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

When a professional gets rid of your bed bugs, it will be done right the first time. This means you’ll be blissfully free of the worry, the embarrassment, and the itching that comes with having a house full of these pests. Don’t hope and pray that your bed bug spray will work, contact us here at Affordable Pest Control and handle the problem at its source once and for all!