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Need Pest Control Services For Your Business? Affordable Pest Control Can Help!


36192547 sNo business wants a pest infestation. Unfortunately however many businesses provide an ideal living environment for the pest’s survival, with things like accessible food and water and a warm place to sleep. Infestations can destroy a businesses’ reputation, cause significant property damage, and seriously impact the health and safety of customers and employees. Spotting one pest is an indication that there could be hundreds more lurking below your floors or between your walls. Don’t wait to accumulate evidence of an extreme infestation, as pests reproduce rapidly and their numbers take over. The following four tips will help reduce the likelihood of pest invasions in your business.

1. Keep Clean

Keeping your business clean reduces pests’ ability to obtain food, water, and shelter. Reduce any clutter, such as bags, cardboard, or bottles. Rooms need to be vacuumed thoroughly, including any area that may come into contact with food like under stoves, fridges and in break rooms. After vacuuming, vacuum bags should be sealed and thrown out. Appliances also need to be cleaned, inside and out. Cockroaches specifically like smaller appliances such as toasters, coffee machines and microwave ovens, which need to be unplugged, thoroughly vacuumed, and cleaned.

2. Restrict Food and Water Access

If your business can help it, limit food consumption to the kitchen and break area for employees. Avoid keeping food in the open, and seal off containers and store them in cupboards or refrigerators. Additionally, try to avoid water access by keeping sources of open water covered, like toilets or water basins.

3. Be Alert to Early Warning Signs

Seasonal pests return to their same nesting sites every year, while stationary pests will continue to breed and increase their numbers. Catching an infestation early, increases the chances of a thorough and ongoing purge. Investigate for things like:

·         Droppings, eggs and insect parts

·         Webbing or nesting materials

·         Dirt or streaks on walls or furniture items

·         Holes or hideaways in the foundation, drywall, or pipes

4. Deal with Pest Problem Immediately

If you need pest control services for your business, Affordable Pest Control can help. Don’t wait to fail a health and safety inspection to make sure nothing is wrong. We offer pest control services for all business establishments which includes standardized inspections, continuing maintenance, thorough reporting of all pest issues, and service status updates. We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and fully insured. Our professional staff are experts in identifying pests, determining the extent of the infestation, and will provide you details about the pest and its habits. If you need pest control services for your business, contact us today for a free quote.