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Why Getting Rid of Mice Should Not Be A DIY Project


Are you a "do-it-yourself" kind of person? When it comes to getting rid of mice, you might want to avoid your natural desire to fix the situation yourself. Instead, you will need to hire a professional to do it for you.
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Why Getting Rid of Mice a is Job for a Professional


They Breed Very Quickly

If you've seen one mouse in your house, that's not the only one you're going to be dealing with. That's because mice breed very quickly, all year-round. A single female can produce 5 to 10 litters a year, and each litter can contain 6 to 8 babies. That means that if you had six mice first enter your home, this number could be up to 60 by the time you notice them three months later.  When you attempt to eradicate them you have to ensure they’re gone for good, as remaining mice could breed again.

They Are Incredibly Destructive
Mice can eat through just about anything in your house in a very short period of time, and they love to chew on wires. They will gnaw away until they've stripped your wires bare of insulation, which can cause active wires to spark and catch fire. Mice also have no true dedication to one single substance, as they also will chew drywall, rubber, plastic pipes and insulation, soft concrete, any kind of wood, even gas lines. A professional will focus on getting rid of those mice for you, protect your property, and help you stay safe, too.

They Can Get In Anywhere and Eat Anything

Mice eat anything, regardless of if it is technically a food or not. Unlike other animals, they have no preference between human food and drywall in your attic. Given that they will eat anything that is accessible, locking drawers and cabinets won’t help to avoid the issue, Mice are very good at squeezing into very small places, they can even squeeze through an opening as little as a quarter of an inch in diameter.

They Are Filthy and Carry Many Diseases

All of that chewing produces a lot of mouse waste. A single pair of mice can eat 4 to 8 ounces of substances in a week, and leave over 1000 droppings. Those droppings aren't benign and can infect you with at least 25 serious diseases, including:

·         Trichinosis

·         Toxoplasmosis

·         Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

·         Leptospirosis

·         "Rat bite" fever

·         Swine dysentery

·         Pseudo-rabies

·         Swine erysipelas

·         Encephalomyocarditis

·         Bordetellosis

These diseases can cause those infected to become very sick and in some extreme cases death can occur. The risk of infection is also heightened for those with poor immune systems like babies and young children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Mice also carry fleas, mites, tapeworm, ringworm, and can cause Lyme disease.

Remember that mice travel in and out of some of the most unsanitary places on the planet and they're not fussy. They can carry multiple diseases and leave you and your loved ones to deal with the consequences, which is why you need to be getting rid of mice. A professional can focus on getting rid of mice for you, and make sure that your exposure to these dangerous diseases is nonexistent. For help getting rid of mice contact us today!