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Three DIY Raccoon Repellents

raccoon-750394 1280 Raccoons can wreak havoc when they invade your property, typically destroying gardens or finding their way into bird feeders and trashcans. Even worse, they will attack people and pets. The good news is that there are three raccoon repellents you can use to keep them away from your home. It’s important that before you implement the following raccoon repellents however, that you ensure it is truly raccoons you are dealing with. There are many other pests that can do similar damage to your property, but will not respond to these repellents.

1. Ruining Patterns

Raccoons are naturally territorial and have repetitive behavior patterns, which makes particular homes and garbage cans their regular scouting spots. Finding ways to scare them away from these locations without harming them is the easiest way to break the pattern and keep them away from your bins. This may include using noise makers to startle them, or sprinkle cayenne pepper over bin lids to keep them away from foods. When raccoons have no interest in coming back to your property, they’ll change their food-hunting patterns and find new bins to rummage through.

2. Predator Lights

Many people assume that simply flashing a light or flashlight towards a raccoon will deter them from going through your bins, but this isn’t the case. Raccoons are used to city lights, and staring into the end of a lightbulb will not stop them from eating. This is why predator lights have quickly become an easy DIY deterrents. Purchased at local garden or hunting stores,predator lights feature a red light that will flash towards the raccoon. These red flashes resemble the flash of the red pupil of a large predatory animal’s eye late at night, and a raccoon will quickly disappear. Though the raccoon may need a few interactions with the light to break their habit of visiting your home, you will soon be noticeably pest free.

3. Heavy Lifting

Raccoons may be great at sniffing out scrap food and garbage bins, but they are not a necessarily strong animal. Placing heavy rocks on the lids of your garbage bins makes it difficult for raccoons to open the lid up, though they may be able to forcibly push it off the bin. Bungee cords are an excellent alternative, and allow for the lid of bins to be tightly forced down. Raccoons are not able to get bungee cords off, and they will be forced to find a new place to rummage through.

If DIY Raccoon Repellents Fail

If your DIY raccoon repellents fail, it’s important that you bring in a team of professionals to do the job. We will ensure that raccoons are kept away from your property humanely without doing any harm to the animals, and ensure they stay away for good. Nests will be destroyed, and feces that is highly toxic will be removed safely. Affordable Pest Control is a fully licensed and insured pest control company operating in Toronto and Durham Region. Call us for a free quote and get rid of those of pesky raccoons.