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How to Keep Squirrels Away From Your Home

squirrel-826709 1280 Squirrels can seem harmless but they are similar to their rodent cousins’ rats and mice; they can spread disease, attack you, steal your food and just be downright annoying. To prevent them from causing these problems, you need to figure out how to keep squirrels away. To that end, here are the things that you need to think about: >

Check Your Home for Easy Entry Points

Just as sneaky as rats, mice, and other rodents, squirrels will try to exploit any opening that they can use to enter your home. Check your attic, basement and ductwork for any holes. Even if you think that the hole looks smaller than a squirrel's body, you should still investigate it as squirrels have incredibly flexible bodies that allow them to squeeze through very tight spaces.

Reduce Tree Access to Your Home

Squirrels are expert tree climbers who can scurry up the trunk of a tree in seconds. They often use branches that reach out towards your home to gain access to your roof or patio. If a tree branch is less than ten feet from your house, squirrels will have no problem leaping across. For this, you need to consider two possible options: how to keep squirrels away from the tree and how to keep squirrels from jumping across.

If the tree is too close or you don't want to damage the tree, then you can think about how to keep squirrels away from the tree itself as a secondary solution. To do this, you will have to fasten a band of sheet metal around the tree's trunk; unlike tree bark, a squirrel cannot dig their claws into metal. If the tree itself is far enough away from your home, then you can stop squirrels from jumping across it by simply trimming the branches back. 

Become the Pest

Like you, there are some things that a squirrel just does not like. As such, when figuring out how to keep squirrels away, being a pest yourself is a great tactic. Some of the things you can do to keep squirrels away from your home by irritation include:

·         Motion detector lighting

·         Scent-based repellents (garlic, strong spices, store-bought items)

·         Motion detector high frequency sound emitters

·         Sprinkler systems.

Make Sure They Don’t Call It Home Too

Although squirrels will often sneak into homes just to steal food, sometimes they will decide that the shelter and climate controlled air that your home provides is perfect for them. In this case, you have a much bigger squirrel-related problem on your hands.

Don't Let Squirrels Take Over

If there are squirrels already in your home, then figuring out how to keep squirrels away begins with getting rid of the ones that you already have. If they are already there, then they likely consider your home theirs, so they won't leave very easily. Contact a professional pest control services to get them out, then you can start thinking about how to keep squirrels away in the future. You shouldn't have to put up with pests in your home. Even if they aren't trying to take over your house right now, start planning on how to keep squirrels away today so that they never will.