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How the Seasons Can Effect the Success of Your Bat Removal

If bats have taken up residence in the attic of your home, then you will probably be keen to get rid of them as soon as possible. However bat removal can only be successfully carried out at certain times of year. In particular bat maternity season, which takes place in the summer months, can be a very bad time to address your home's bat infestation.

bat-230301 1280 Why You Can't Remove Bats at Any Time of Year

Female bats give birth in summer, particularly in June and July. Bats are not born with wings like other animals of flight, so they stay within the nest being fed by their mother until they reach adulthood. Although this can be frustrating if they've taken up residency in your home, they are a protected species in Canada and thus killing them is illegal. If there are baby bats in your roof or attic, then the bat removal process would trap them inside with no source of food, causing them to die of starvation. This means that even if you spot them immediately, you will need to wait a month or two until they've reached adulthood before you can start the removal process. Bat removal methods focus on blocking up the bats' routes into your home with one-way doors, so they have to find somewhere else to nest.

Winter Bat Removal

Many species of bats hibernate during the winter. Although they sometimes wake up to find a drink, bats spend much of the time between November and March sleeping. It is difficult to remove bats during this time as they don't often go outside, so it might be best to arrange for a bat removal expert to come to your home in the spring to assess the situation.

Spring and Autumn Bat Removal

Spring is the bat mating season. During this time, they spend a lot of time flying around outside at night, catching a huge number of insects to fuel their mating activities. This is the best time to get bat removal taken care of in your home, as there is usually enough food around for them to survive until they can find a new place to settle into. Autumn is just as good for bat removal, as young bats will be fully grown and ready to leave the nest. So long as the house is sealed properly, they will not be able to resettle into the home in winter and you’re home will be bat free.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Home Has Bats

If you suspect that there are bats nesting in your home, then you should contact a pest control company right away. Don't try to remove them yourself as this can be harmful to you and the animals. Some bats carry rabies, which requires a lengthy process of vaccinations if you were to be bit by the animal. Similarly, harming the bats or accidentally killing them when trying to remove them is illegal. A pest removal company can assess the situation and let you know whether bat removal is possible at this time. Affordable Pest Control can safely and humanely remove bats from your home at an appropriate time in their mating cycle. Contact us for more information about bat removal and have us address the situation today.