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How to Tell if a Durham Exterminator is Qualified for your Pest Control Job


Durham ExterminatorHiring a Durham exterminator is the surest method that Durham residents can use to make their homes clean of pests such as ants, bees and rats. However, an unwise choice can cause serious problems, including but not limited to both an incomplete extermination and the mounting bills that come with having to schedule multiple exterminations. To ensure success, Durham residents have to make sure that their Durham exterminator can be relied upon, which is something that must be confirmed using research.

Here are tips that can be used to find a skilled and experienced Durham exterminator capable of performing the pest control jobs entrusted to it in a reliable manner:

·     Checking for the existence of certifications is one of the easiest methods for ensuring that a Durham exterminator is capable of performing the pest control job they have been hired to perform. After all, reputable certification programs have controls in place to ensure that certified persons have the needed education. That said, it never hurts to read a little about the institution issuing the certification. Not to mention making sure that the certification is relevant to the nature of the pest control job to be entrusted to the Durham exterminator.


·     The extent of the Durham exterminator's experience is another simple method for checking whether it is reliable or not. It is not perfect, but it is reasonable to believe that a business that has been running for a long time has a proven record of success. Otherwise, how has that business remained running for all that time? Still, even though checking the extent of experience makes for a convenient shortcut, taking the time to confirm such an assumption is the smart and sensible choice.

·     For a more exhaustive look into its record, the Durham exterminator's past and present customers constitute the best source. Searching the Internet for customer reviews should be second nature when it comes to something as serious as choosing a Durham exterminator. In particular, search for customer complaints using online resources such as the Better Business Bureau. Bear in mind that the response of the Durham exterminator to customer complaints is at least as important as the actual customer complaints themselves.


·     Finally, speak to the Durham exterminator about its past successes. If they can provide proof of previous successes in similar pest control jobs, then its claims are a lot more believable than if it cannot provide said proof. Make sure that the successful pest control jobs are relevant to the pest control job about to be entrusted to the Durham exterminator, since different pests call for a different set of methods. After all, just because an exterminator can handle rats in the home, it does not mean that the same exterminator has the expertise, the equipment, and the experience needed to handle an infestation of hornets.

Finding a reliable and affordable pest control and extermination service in Durham can be a tiring process. Between the many competing businesses, and various guarantees provided, it's often hard to decide which service to choose. We believe, that our team at Affordable Pest Control offers some of the most comprehensive Durham exterminator services available. Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our many service offerings, or call us at 905-425-0589 to speak to a pest control specialist. If you're looking for a free quote, make sure to fill out our pest control assessment form today!