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Finding the Best Home Pest Control Service for your Needs


home pest control servicesJust as every home is a little different, the type of home pest control service needed to keep the premises pest free will vary from one dwelling to the next.  This means the homeowner should spend some time determining which of the local services offers the best mix of service and support.  Here are some tips that will help with that process.

The Location of the Home

Depending on where your home is located, the range of potential pests can vary.  Perhaps you live on a pleasant street that is lined with trees and blooming shrubs.  The types of pests you are like encounter will be flies, fleas, and roaches.  For someone who lives in a wooded area outside of town, the ideal home pest control service would have expertise in dealing with spiders, squirrels, and possibly even bats.  When evaluating any home pest control service, verify that they have what it takes to deal with pests in your specific kind of setting.

Technician Training and Certification

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a technician who works for a home pest control service must undergo training and certification before they provide services to customers.  Take the time to ask questions about the level of that training.  Will the team visiting your home be trained in how to deal with bats in the attic, and will they know what type of treatment to use for an ant infestation versus a rodent problem?  When you receive direct answers to those queries, that indicates the home pest control service is worth looking into a little further.

The Methods Used to Control Pests

It is important to understand that what you just pay for a home pest control service to come out and apply some sort of product to the baseboards around the house.  What you do need is someone who can be your partner in keeping the home pest free. 

The right home pest control service will spend time identifying points of entry and what can be done to fortify those entry points.  A professional will also focus on setting up a line of protection outside the home, something that will help discourage snakes and other creatures from seeking entry.  There are even times when the technician from the home pest control service will make suggestions on how to make some changes around the house that will make it less attractive to pests in general. 

The Treatment Itself

It is important to understand that the right home pest control service will use chemical compounds that will repel and eliminate pests, but will not be harmful to you or your pets.  When the team is willing to discuss what they use and how it works with you, that is a good sign.  The discussion will likely include any guidelines for keeping pets and children away from the sprayed areas long enough for the product to finish drying.  If a service hesitates to answer your questions about the products used to treat your home, take that as a sign to look for a different provider.

When you do come across the perfect home pest control service, consider securing a service agreement.  This type of contractual agreement will entitle you to a number of benefits that will help to keep the home pest free.  Along with periodic inspections and regular treatments, you’ll also have access to service calls at no additional cost.  This will allow you to keep the home pest free and also save a little money as part of the bargain.

Our team at Affordable Pest Control is highly skilled in all particular pest control cases. From ant infestations to raccoons in the attic, we provide all levels of home pest control service. For more information on our pest control offerings, and to receive a free quote, please fill out our contact us form or call us today at 905-425-0589