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Keep Finding Ants in the House? Here's How to Get Rid of Them


ants-in-the-houseAlthough ants have a better reputation than a number of other common pests such as rats, their presence in the home is no less unwelcome. As a result, ants in the house should be eliminated as soon as possible, using the most efficient and effective method that can be found. That said, since ants come in such a remarkable range of species, finding the best method is easier said than done, though never impossible.

Please use these suggestions to remove ants in the house:

Knowing the exact species of ant in the house makes it that much easier to eliminate them because it provides enormous insight into its behaviour and thus the methods best-suited to beating them. To find out about the exact species, take a close-up photo of the ant and then send it to an expert for identification.

There are a number of options that can be used to eliminate ants in the house. One is to set out poisoned bait tailored to the tastes of the exact species, which will be brought back to the nest for consumption. Bear in mind that setting out bait will result in an increased number of ants in the house until the poison has time to eliminate the nest. So give it about a couple of weeks before resorting to something else.
The other option is to follow ants in the house to their nest before eliminating it in person. This can be a rather complicated process, not least because different species of ants prefer to nest in different locations. If you manage to succeed, you can eliminate the nest using pesticide so long as you follow all instructions for its use. If not, you need to hire pest exterminators, who will have both the expertise and the equipment needed to eliminate the problem at the source.

You need to keep ants from entering your home. This consists of two parts. First, you need to make sure that your home is as clean as possible, since crumbs, spills, and even waste can attract ants in search of food. Second, you need to close the openings that the ants are using to enter your home. Depending on the exact nature of said openings, this can be as simple as making a change of habit or as complicated as to need the assistance of contractors. Please note that making it impossible for ants to get in does nothing about ants that are already in the house.

Once you have removed ants in the house, you should consider using pesticide as a barrier for preventing future incursions. Please note that this is not a decision to be made without serious care and consideration, since pesticide can be toxic to both pets and humans. However, if you are resolved on making sure that there will never be ants in the house again, use pesticide with "barrier treatment" on its label to create a barrier at former entrances to your home.

Be sure to remember that the solution to the problem of ants in the house consists of prevention as much as elimination. For more information about either pest prevention or pest elimination, please fill out our free online quote form or call us at 905-425-0589 today!