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Got an Ant Problem? Hire an Ant Exterminator


ant problemDealing with an ant problem is the number one extermination service provided by pest control professionals.

While ants aren't the most serious insect infestation, in terms of potential damage or discomfort, it’s safe to say that all home and business premises owners are likely to encounter an ant problem sooner or later. The use of insecticides has some inherent risk, however, not everyone is comfortable with using them. In those circumstances, professional exterminators are the answer.


Interior-use ant insecticides are most commonly delivered in one of four ways, or in a combination of procedures:

Nest eradication: It’s often valuable to locate ant hills near and around the effected building. When insecticide can be introduced directly to the nest, there is a high chance that a single treatment will solve the ant problem.


Liquid spray: Delivered beneath cabinets, along skirting boards where they travel, and following routes where the ant problem has been observed, the treatment continues to kill ants for several weeks (although it can’t harm children or pets as soon as it has dried).

Baits: Ant baits are a combination of attractive ant food and insecticide. These treatments don’t kill the ants immediately; rather, those that eat it live long enough to carry pieces of the bait back to their nest, where it can attack the entire colony.


Outdoor barrier: Another liquid spray, but manufactured to a special exterior formula, this product is applied around the periphery of your home or business premises, typically at the foundation level. A repeat ant problem is thus prevented.


It should be noted that ants are particularly persistent creatures. It may take several months to eradicate an infestation, especially if it involves multiple colonies. DIY treatments, of course, come with no guarantees. Reputable professional exterminators should always stand by their work, offering free follow-up visits to ensure the ant problem is resolved, and that no more ants enter the treated premises. If you’re considering contracting with a pro, be sure to ask how long a period that guarantee covers.


It may be that time constraints, allergies to chemicals, or simply the “ick!" factor of dealing with a mass of crawling creatures, make calling a professional your first decision when you notice an ant problem. At Affordable Pest Control, we certainly understand that, and are here to help

For those who intend to try a little DIY eradication first, department stores and home improvement warehouses offer a great deal of choice. That said, professional exterminators have access to higher-impact, more effective insecticides, and we’re qualified to use them with controls that prevent any threat to your pets, or children.


Not only are they more effective, the treatments a licenced exterminator has access to are likely to be more longer-lasting than off-the-shelf remedies. Further we may well see a “bigger picture” than the single ant problem you’ve identified.


Searching online, looking for helpful tips, has become second nature to most home and business owners in recent years. When an ant problem cannot be solved with research and DIY measures, a reputable pest control service should be hired. Only a professional ant exterminator can get rid of your ant problems once and for all.

If you live in the Durham Region, make sure to call or email Affordable Pest Control. Our fleet of vehicles is unmarked, ensuring discretion, and every customer is left with a written guarantee to ensure peace of mind. Call us at (905) 425-0589, or 1-888-380-7378 (PEST), or use our convenient Contact Us form today; we’ll get back to you at your convenience.