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What Attracts Mice to a House


what attracts mice to a houseEven with a professional providing pest control services, there are still things that you can do to minimize the possibility of an infestation.  One of the best ways to go about that process is to understand what attracts mice to a house.  Here are a few examples.

Mice Love Carbohydrates

What attracts mice to a house is the desire for simple carbohydrates. The reason for the attraction is that mice instinctively know that these foods will give them a quick energy boost.  When a homeowner makes it easy to get to foods like sugar, bleached flour, and loaves of bread, the temptation is more than any self-respecting mouse can resist.

Think about those bags of sugar, bleached flour, and bread that you have in the pantry.  It won’t take much to gnaw into them and have a feast.  If you really want to discourage that type of activity, empty the contents of those paper and plastic bags into re-sealable containers.  Heavy duty plastic or metal will ensure that what attracts mice to a house the most is not so easy to locate.

A Corner in the Dark

Another answer to the question of what attracts mice to a house is dark and cozy corners.  That is why spaces like a dimly lit attic or basement are so popular.  These settings serve as the perfect base of operations for foraging throughout the house.  If humans or household pets happen to spot the mice, they can quickly skitter away and hide in those dark and hard to reach places.

A Warm Place to Call Home

Searching for warmth is also what attracts mice to a house. While mice are more likely to be outside in warm weather, the cold will have them looking for a place to settle in.  This is why the attic insulation is on the list of what attracts mice to a house.  Your best bet is to make sure they do not have easy access to that insulation.  Failing to do so will provide mice with the ideal place to burrow in and make nests, deposit waste, and in general create a health hazard for you and the rest of your family.

Open Trash Bins

Without a doubt, what attracts mice to a house the most is an open container.  If the lid on the trash can is not secure, mice can easily get into the container and have a field day with any food that you’ve thrown out.  If you really want to keep them away from the house, bag leftovers carefully and make sure the lid to the trash can creates a tight seal.  

Leftovers in the Compost

What attracts mice to a house with a compost bin?  All that rotting food. When you choose to add in leftover chicken, meat, or fish, mice cannot resist the sicky-sweet aroma.  Your best bet is to limit the food to vegetables that don't have starch or a lot of carbohydrates, or avoid putting old food on the bin altogether. Stick with old leaves, limbs that have been through a chipper, and similar things that will not be all that inviting.

Learning what attracts mice to a house is a key element in preventing infestations.  Have a professional check the home and make recommendations on what needs to change.  With just a few minor adjustments, you can make it much harder for rodents to get in and make themselves at home. Fill out our
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