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Have a Raccoon Control Problem? Affordable Pest Control Can Help

raccoon control
The sound of tiny feet skittering around in the attic is a sure sign that some type of pest has taken up residence.  Sure enough, a quick look in the attic confirms that a raccoon has managed to get in and is busy getting established.  Before things go any further, it is time to call a professional and engage in a bit of raccoon control.

Why Call a Professional?

While raccoons may appear to be cuddly and lovable, the fact is that they are wild animals.  Undomesticated animals are highly likely to attack if they feel threatened and trapped.  Since the typical homeowner will know very little about the basics of raccoon control, he or she runs the risk of sustaining an injury.  The task of capturing the raccoon is best left to a professional who is thoroughly trained in the essentials of raccoon control and capture.

Another good reason to leave the raccoon control issue in the hands of a trained technician is that you likely do not have the protective gear or the equipment needed to remove the pest from the home.  Since the plan is to do whatever is necessary to make the property raccoon proof in the future, there is no need to go to the trouble and expense of buying tools and resources that you will never use again.  

Getting Rid of the Pest

Since the home is already infested, the first step for raccoon control is to remove the raccoon from the premises.  A professional from a pest control service will be able to get the raccoon into a cage and carry it away.  While that part of the raccoon control will leave you feeling relieved, remember that there is still more work to be done.

That lone raccoon may be the only one on the premises, or there may be more hiding in the attic and elsewhere.  Before the professional calls the job done, he or she will conduct a complete search of the home and the grounds.  If any other raccoons are found, they will also be removed.

Looking Toward the Future

Even after the pests are gone, there is still some work to do in terms of proactive raccoon control.  The technician will identify points of entry that allowed the pest to get into the home in the first place.  Those entry points could include a hole in a foundation, a broken window in the attic, or even an outside vent that is not properly covered with a protective screen.  Any issue of this type will need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Another avenue for raccoon control may mean making some changes in the way things are done around the house.  If you routinely leave food for household pets in an open area like a porch or near the exterior of the home, bring the food inside.  In like manner, when the kids eat outside, they must bring all the scraps back in for proper disposal.  While you may love that front door wreath that includes dried corncobs in the design, be aware that the cobs can attract raccoons as well as squirrels.

Raccoon control is another way that you keep the home and family protected from what could turn out to be an unfortunate situation.  If you do spot a raccoon anywhere in the home, don’t panic.  Secure the area and contact a professional at once.  After the immediate problem is resolved, the two of you can decide what methods of ongoing raccoon control will help to reduce the chances of encountering the same problem in the future.