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Rat Removal: Essential for Business

Rat RemovalIt’s common knowledge that rats are bad for business and it’s very important that measures be taken to get rid of them as soon as signs of their presence appear. If a single rat finds its way into your office and discovers that the environment is just right for living, it will soon attract other rats that will gladly follow its lead. Within weeks, there will be an entire family of these pesky little rodents scurrying all over your office in search of food; chewing into your furniture, carpets, books and computer; and making your office dirty with their droppings. Although they are small, their agility and cunning abilities make rat removal very difficult.

Of all the mammals on our planet, rats are possibly the most numerous and their number has been growing in every big city, including Toronto and the surrounding areas. They like to live near humans where they can get food and shelter with relative ease; so as a city grows so does the rat population. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), their number has increased by 43% over the last two decades. Currently, there are an estimated 4 billion rats in the world.

The reason rats are so numerous and rat removal is so difficult is that they are resilient little creatures that can adapt to any kind of climate. They are the true survivors and conquerors of our world and wherever they go they can wipe out the indigenous animals that occupy the same niche. They make their homes in cavities and holes insides walls, in the kitchen and pantry where foods are kept and in sewer pipes and garbage bins. In fact, they can live inside anything that provides them warmth and cover, including boxes, drawers and closets.

Rats are voracious eaters, with each rodent eating up to 30 grams of food a day. To get a rough idea of how much food they devour in a year, simply multiply that by the total number of rats and mice and then multiply the product by 365. These rodents are also among the most destructive animals on earth. They have two rows of sharp teeth that can slice anything except concrete, rocks and metal. Every year, they damage and destroy clothes, furniture and electronic items worth millions of dollars, causing huge losses to homeowners and businesses. 

If you don't mind sharing your office with these rodents and letting them chew your furniture as long as they keep themselves out of sight, then there is another good reason for removing your rats. They carry the germs that can cause a number of fatal diseases, including the bubonic plague that wiped out 100 million people (60% of the total population at that time) in Europe in just a few years in the mid-14th century. The danger of such epidemics is real today as it was then despite the advancements in modern medicine.

Professional rat removal and prevention services focus on a structured approach that involves evaluating infestation, formulating an effective treatment plan, monitoring the infested areas, removing the rodents and placing measures to prevent them from coming back. Depending upon the severity of infestation, removal may involve using electronic traps, glue traps and rodenticides. Prevention often involves ultrasonic repellents that are silent to human ears but highly effective in keeping the rodents away.

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