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Top 5 Signs of a Professional Exterminator

Professional ExterminatorWhen you are overwhelmed by pests, be they of the animal kind or the insect kind, it is better to hire a professional exterminator than to try to chase them away yourself. As pests can be stubborn, resourceful, aggressive and downright dangerous, it requires considerable knowledge and expertise to remove them safely. Therefore, the success or failure of pest removal depends upon the people handling the job.

Here are the top 5 signs of a professional exterminator:

1.       Knowledgeable: A professional exterminator is trained and experienced. He knows everything about the pests in question, including their feeding habits, breeding patterns, attitude to humans and general temperament. In short, he has a proven track record. You will know this by the insightful answers to your pest control questions and concerns. If he gives what seems to be a wrong or made-up answer, then you'd better think twice before hiring.

2.       Certified: In Canada, only licensed exterminators are allowed to remove certain animals and use certain pesticides. This is because some animals such as raccoons are protected by the law, and improper handling of toxic pesticides can be fatal for both humans and pests. Before hiring an exterminator, you should ask to see government certification. If the individual fails to produce one, then they are not right for the job.

3.       Insured: Pest removal can be a dangerous job. Almost all pests resist being removed from the place they have chosen as their home and will fight back if they feel necessary. Also, many pesticides are highly toxic and may result in serious injuries and even death. Therefore, the exterminator should be fully insured. If he is not insured, then you'd better think twice about hiring him.

4.       Professional Business Attitude: Every professional should be suitably attired for the job and be equipped with the necessary tools of trade. The same goes for an exterminator. He should arrive in a truck in uniform and have the required equipment and chemicals. He should be polite, friendly and responsive to give you the feeling that he can do the job.

5.       References: A good exterminator has the experience of working for many people, some of which may be your relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. If he happens to know anyone that you know, then you can ask them about him. If there is no one you know, then you can ask him for the phone number of a few people he has worked for in the past, and give them a call to see how they feel about the quality of work provided.

Before hiring an exterminator, follow these steps to help find the right match for your needs. By doing so you will be able to easily differentiate between a “fly by night” exterminator, and a pest control professional. Ultimately, it will help you find a knowledgeable, certified & insured industry professional to rid you of your pest or rodent infestation.