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Why You Need Professional Wasp Removal

Professional Wasp RemovalAdult wasps are predatory flying insects that prey on other insects, particularly ants, termites and spiders. Their larvae are parasites feeding on the body of other insects. As an apex predator of the insect world, wasps have a very important role to play in nature. However, they are also a potential health hazard when they become upset and attack. Every year, hundreds of people are hospitalized and many of them die due to wasp stings. When a wasp colony builds its nest near your home, you should immediately call wasp removal professionals to remove the threat.

Based on their nesting habit, wasps can be divided into two categories: solitary and social. Some solitary wasps construct mud cells on walls and other sheltered places, where they lay a single egg, place a live but paralyzed insect for the larva to feed on and then seal it from the outside. Some solitary wasps burrow into the soil or into the stems of plants. There are a few wasps that do not build nests at all, but live in naturally occurring holes and cavities.

Social wasps, such as hornets, live in large colonies and build their nests in a variety of places, including walls, plants, trees and ceilings of houses. Wasp nests usually grow to about half a meter across. A nest of such a size usually has between three and ten thousand female workers. At the extreme, the biggest nests can be up to a meter across and have a population of more than twenty thousand female workers. Different species of social wasps build their nest in slightly different ways.

As pests, social wasps are of interest to us. Because they live in large numbers and can quickly become aggressive when disturbed, it is extremely difficult to remove their presence. You can't chase them away without removing their nest because they will not abandon their home as long as it’s there. Since they attack in groups and their stings are venomous, wasp attacks are often fatal. This is why you should never try DIY wasp removal with store bought products and everyday techniques.

If you see a number of wasps flying inside your home, then they are probably attracted by the smell of food. Removing the food source and closing the points of entry, such as windows and doors, is usually enough to make them disappear. But if there is large nest in or near your home, then you should call professional exterminators without a delay. The longer you wait the larger the nest grows and the higher the threat becomes.

Professional exterminators use several safe and effective wasp removal methods to get rid of wasps. They may use pesticides and/or vacuum cleaners to flush out the wasps, find and eliminate the queen, and then destroy the nest completely. They wear protective gear, such as a wasp suit (beekeeper suit) and face mask to protect themselves.  At the end of removal, not even a small trace of the nest remains. After that, they place repellants to prevent the wasps from returning.

If wasps are becoming a nuisance, contact affordable pest control today for a free home or office evaluation, and a no-obligation quote!