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Squirrels Causing You Grief? Get Professional Squirrel Removal!

Professional Squirrel RemovalSquirrels are found all over North America. Of the 350 different species of squirrels found worldwide, the most common in North America are the eastern grey squirrel, western grey squirrel, red squirrel, fox squirrel and flying squirrel. These cute, furry little rodents with distinctive bushy tails are much loved for their beauty and their antics. But when they start living near homes, they quickly turn into pests, often necessitating a professional squirrel removal.

Although grey squirrels are the most numerous, the American red squirrel is more notorious because it is more intrepid and less afraid of people. It often enters homes and leaves behind a trail of destruction. Having a large and stubborn bunch of red squirrels is bad news for your home and business. If you allow them to run amok, you will soon find yourself spending a substantial amount of money on repairs and squirrel prevention. Below are some of the destructions that red squirrels can cause:

Chew Electrical Wires and Rip Insulations: The front teeth of a squirrel continue to grow throughout its life. In order to keep them short, it has to chew continuously; so a red squirrel will chew anything that it can lay its sharp teeth on. Red squirrels are notorious for chewing electrical wires and ripping insulation and television cables just to keep their teeth in shape. They also chew furniture, clothes and books.

Steal Food from the Kitchen and Store: Red squirrels are "granivores" and mostly survive on seeds and nuts. However, they will eat almost any edible thing they come across if they are hungry. The main reason it enters your home is in search of food. Once inside, it raids your kitchen and food store. It eats whatever it can get and spills the rest on the floor. It may even knock down cups, plates and other kitchen utensils. 

Make your Roof and Attic Dirty: Red squirrels like to live in your attic if they find the conditions are right. Once one settles in, it brings nuts, seeds and other items from the outdoors for storage. It leaves a liberal amount of droppings (feces) on the roof, attic and other areas of your house. Cleaning often requires a lot of work as they usually operate on a wide area.

Attract Wild Predators to your Home: Red squirrels often enter your home for protection from wild predators like fox, raccoons, weasels, hawks and eagles. These animals and birds often follow squirrels to your home and may even start living in the neighbourhood permanently. They damage your properties, frighten your children and pets, and even attack them if they feel threatened.

Cause Havoc in your Garden: Your garden is where the squirrels cause most of the destructions. They feed on the plants and trees, raid birdfeeders, dig holes to bury and retrieve foods, and dirty the lawn with their droppings.

If a bunch of squirrels is causing you grief, then you should immediately call the professionals for squirrel removal. Although the American red squirrel is not classified as an endangered species and, therefore, not protected by the law, it is still inhumane to kill such animals. Professional removals capture the animals safely, without hurting them, and relocate them to another habitat where they cannot return.