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Top 4 Reasons You Need Professional Raccoon Removal

Professional Raccoon RemovalRaccoons are cute, furry, and intelligent creatures that normally live in forested areas away from human interaction. The trouble is that in North America they have developed a penchant for living near humans, getting their way into homes for shelter where there is easy access to food. They also like to live in attics as it’s a confined space that is warm and prefect for having babies. Once they have set up shop in your attic, it is not easy to remove them because they are highly resourceful and will find ways to avoid capture. Therefore, you need to call a professional raccoon removal.

Here are the top 5 reasons you need professional help:

1.       Raccoons can be aggressive: Raccoons are very noisy and can also turn aggressive if cornered, especially a female with a litter of pups. They raid garbage bins, spill and scatter the garbage on the floor, may enter your kitchen through windows and even attack your children and pets if they feel threatened. If you try to trap or chase away one, you might end up getting hurt. This is clearly a job for professionals with experience of handling these animals. 

2.       Raccoons bite can give you rabies: Raccoons carry diseases and this makes DIY raccoon removal a very bad idea. The disease that is most commonly associated with these animals is rabies, which can be extremely painful and ultimately fatal. If you are bitten in the process of trapping or chasing it away, then you can contract this dreaded disease.

3.       Raccoon repellents rarely work: You can try using raccoon repellants if you want to, but be warned that repellants rarely work. Trying to chase away a raccoon with repellants is providing it with free entertainment. It will sniff around, probably squirt at the source of smell, have a bit of fun and then go back to doing whatever it was doing. Some companies sell coyote and fox urine claiming that raccoons are afraid of these animals. The truth is that these urines along with mothball and ammonia solutions do not work.

4.       You might end up killing the pups: A female raccoon living in the attic often has its newborn babies with her. These young raccoons may have snuck into the attic with her, or may have been recently born in there. This is especially true during, and just after the breeding season between February and May. If you accidentally kill the mother, the pups will starve to death. Besides being inhumane, the decomposing carcasses will start to smell, and cause many other hygienic problems.


Professional raccoon removal involves removing the animals in a safe and humane manner without hurting anyone and causing any physical damage. The removed animal is released somewhere where it can survive and bring up its young. This is what the law requires you to do in Canada. This is why you should entrust the job in the hands of licensed professionals.

If you believe there are raccoons in your home, contact affordable pest control today for more information, and a free, no obligation quote!