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6 Tips for Getting Rid of Ants

12437265 sAnts are the most numerous life forms on earth apart from microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. They are found almost everywhere, including hot and dry deserts to very cold and wet places. They live in huge colonies of millions of individuals and generally stay away from humans. But the trouble begins when they build their nests in the walls and floors of your home and start crawling all over your kitchen, dining table, bedroom and patios. That is when getting rid of ants suddenly becomes the priority.


If your home or office is infested with ants, then here are 6 tips for getting rid of them:

1.       Destroy Their Nests: If you frequently see ants crawling in or around your home, it means there is a colony of them nesting somewhere nearby. Find the nest (or nests) and destroy it by pouring a bucket of hot, boiling water on it. This is sure to kill all the adults, including the queen, as well as the eggs and larva inside the nest.

2.       Draw a Barrier with Chalk: Finding ants' nests is not easy, but you can find their points of entry fairly easily. Once you find the places where they enter your house from, draw a line around every point of entry with a chalk.  The calcium carbonate in chalks repels the ants. You can also buy commercial ant-repellent chalks in your local supermarket.

3.       Scatter Talcum Powder: Talcum powder is great for you and your child's skin. It’s also effective in getting rid of ants. Scatter the powder liberally at all the points of entry, including door thresholds and windowsills. In place of talcum powder, you can also use borax, cream of tartar and powdered sulfur.

4.       Squirt Lemon Juice: Ants hate the smell of lemons and make a hasty retreat as they are confronted by the smell. Find the points of entry and squirt lemon juice liberally on windowsills and door thresholds. If that fails to stop them, then squeeze four lemons into two liters of water and wash the floors with it. That is sure to keep the little pests away for several days.

5.       Spray them with Vinegar: Ants do not like the smell of vinegar and make a quick getaway as soon they encounter it. Make a solution of equal amounts vinegar and water and pour that in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on anthills and places frequented by the insects. You will soon notice the pesky little creatures abandoning the areas sprayed with vinegar.

6.       Sprinkle Salt across their Path:  Ants detest salt and you can use it to your advantage. Sprinkle it liberally on their points of entry and on areas frequented by them. The little creatures will avoid those places.

The above methods work only if the infestation is not severe. When infestation is severe, then getting rid of ants requires professional help. The professional method involves an evaluation of infestation, formulating a treatment plan, monitoring the infested area, eliminating the ants and taking appropriate measures to prevent them from returning. If you believe you have a carpenter ant infestation, you will require a professional extermination to successfully remove their presence, and protect your building from structural damage.

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